General Education competencies in the AAS are supported by the general education requirements for all AAS degrees. Students pursuing the Associate of Applied Science must select 15 credit hours of courses designed to offer students breadth of knowledge beyond the specific technical degree requirements. Some AAS degree plans specify particular courses. Courses must be selected from the following areas and must include at least 3 SCH in each area: Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Natural Sciences/Mathematics.

When a particular course is not specified for the general education requirements, students are advised to select a core approved course from the corresponding Foundational Component Areas as those found in the AA, AS, AAT degree in the previous section. The list of approved core curriculum courses by the Foundational Component Area is also accessible on the College’s Core Curriculum website at www.delmar.edu/dmccore.

The following table identifies the Foundational Component Areas equivalent to each General Education Component.

Humanities/Fine Arts Social/Behavioral Sciences Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Language, Philosophy and Culture

Creative Arts
American History

Government/Political Science

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Life and Physical Sciences

However, the general education courses can be selected from the listing in the General Education Component areas below. Students must earn 3 credits in each of these areas. Some of the courses in the options below are NOT guaranteed transferability. Students should check the specific core curriculum course requirements of the college or university to which they plan to transfer. Students may choose from the following:

Core Curriculum

Written Communications (Complete 3 Credits)



ENGL 1302Composition II


Oral Communications (Complete 3 Credits)

All SPCH courses

Mathematics or Natural Sciences (Complete 3 Credits)

MATH 1314College Algebra


(and all higher MATH courses)

All BIOL courses

All CHEM courses

All GEOL courses

All PHYS courses

Humanities / Visual or Performing Arts (Complete 3 Credits)

All ENGL 2300+ Literature courses

All ARTS courses

All DRAM courses

All PHIL courses

All HUMA courses

All MUSI courses

DANC 2303Dance Appreciation


Social/Behavioral Science (Complete 3 Credits)

All ECON courses

All GEOG courses

All GOVT courses

All HIST courses

All PSYC courses

All SOCI courses